Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment (Shareware)

Alan Wake is a third-person shooter game that was first released for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and for Windows in 2012. The game revolves around novelist, Alan Wake, who investigates his wife’s disappearance in the fictional town, Bright Falls. The game is told much like a television series containing six episodes. Players assume the role of Alan Wake. The enemies in the game are dark figures that take over living things and objects. When possessed by the darkness, they are called the Taken. The Taken attack Alan Wake with various weapons. They can be defeated with weapons, provided they are attacked while exposed to light. The player can use weapons, such as flare guns, flashbangs, and also make use of available light sources like lamp posts in order to regain energy.

One of the goals in the game is to collect pages from Alan Wake’s novel. In the game, Alan Wake does not remember writing the novel. However, players must collect the pages as the story is slowly coming to life. The pages also serve as mission guides for the player.

In addition to the six episodes in the game, players can download two additional episodes: The Signal, and The Writer. These episodes continue Alan Wake’s investigation in Bright Falls.