Disney Interactive (Proprietary)

Aladdin is a platform action game based on the Walt Disney movie of the same title. Three versions of the game were made by various game development companies, and have since been ported to other platforms. The core gameplay in Aladdin includes elements commonly seen in platform games. Some elements focus on passing through obstacles, discovering items of value, and using weapons to bring down enemies. The art and animation were done by Disney Studio animators themselves. The characters and environments were designed to mimic the animation style of the movie.

The game has challenges that require the hero to use obstacles and environment variables to evade his opponents or to get from one place to another. As a result, these functionalities make Aladdin a game with elements from both beat-‘em-up strategy genres.

In this game, the player can  choose from an assortment of weapons – for instance, choosing between apples that that inflict less damage but have more range or a sword that is more powerful but has limited attack range. While apples can be thrown at a considerable distance, they are limited in supply. Whatever weapon the player chooses, the manner by which it is used is what turns the tide around.