Ken Salter (Open Source)

AlacrityPC is an application used for optimizing the computer before the user runs an application that would require more resources. These types of applications that need greater computer resources normally include modern video games. The program optimizes the system by turning off programs that can be stopped without hampering the computer’s performance. When the user exits the video game or resource-demanding program, the application automatically opens those programs that had been closed.

In AlacrityPC’s main interface, the user is able to select a profile that can be used before running the application. When editing a profile the user must first change the name and the profile description. The user is then presented with the main window with six tabs. Each tab is specific to each category of functions. In the “Optimization” tab, the user has the option to choose what functions should be done or not done when running applications that require more memory. These include defragmenting the computer memory, shutting down Windows Shell, and removing the desktop wallpaper. There is also the option to force idle tasks to execute.

One of AlacrityPC’s unique features is its ability to add programs that will start when the computer starts. This can be done by labeling the file path of the program into the “autostart” tab.