AKVIS Refocus 3.0

AKVIS (Shareware)

AKVIS Refocus is an image-editing program that enables users to improve their digital images. This program comes with a set of features used to sharpen blurred images. Blurred images result from out of focus shots, camera shake when taking photos, or if the subject being photographed is moving when the picture was taken. AKVIS Refocus works by providing tools that sharpen blurred and out-of-focus images. Users may choose to sharpen the entire image or select an area of an image to improve. Users are provided with tools such as the pencil drawer, selector, and magnifier to view, and highlight parts of the uploaded image. AKVIS Refocus supports common digital image formats such as RAW, JPEG, and TIFF and is capable of saving edited images into any of these formats. Users may preview their work using the programs “before” and “after” tab which displays both the original blurred image and the edited image after applying changes.

AKVIS Refocus features a simple user interface that has three main parts. The first part is the toolbar that contains tools such as the pencil drawer, select tool, erase tool, grab tool, and magnifier. The next part is the image display area where users may view the original image and the resulting image. The last part is the navigator, which has a preview pane, which displays the merged “before” and “after” image, and focus adjustment buttons for focus, blending, and defocus. This section also has a preset menu, which contains a list of pre-installed sharpen modes for images.