AKVIS Noise Buster 8.5

AKVIS (Shareware)

AKVIS Noise Buster is used for reducing noise on digital photos. Too much noise on a photo results in grainy images. This can be caused by different factors including shooting long exposures, a small pixel size, or high ISO settings on the digital camera. The program is capable of reducing the noise on the photo without affecting the other elements of the picture quality. AKVIS Noise Buster can be used as a standalone program. It can also be a plug-in for other applications, such as Adobe Photoshop.

The main window of the program is where users can edit photos. The upper part of the window shows command buttons, such as undo, open, redo, and print. There are also editing tools on the left hand side of the window (hand tool, magnifying glass, etc). The left part of the window displays the navigator and the settings for noise reduction. The luminance noise, color noise, and detail of the photo can all be changed with the sliders. Users can also save settings that are often used when editing. The saved setting can be found on the Presets menu at the bottom right part of the window. The original photo and the edited photo can be compared by clicking on the preview area.