AKVIS Magnifier 6.0

AKVIS (Shareware)

AKVIS Magnifier is used for magnifying images without losing the quality of the image. The program makes use of an advanced enlargement algorithm that sharpens and smoothens the images as they are enlarged. The software is capable of enlarging photos by as much as 30,000 by 30,000 pixels that can fit on a 2.5 by 2.5 meter poster. Users have complete control over the settings when magnifying the image. The program offer upsize and downsize settings for changing the size of the image. The application also supports batch processing so that users can work on several images at the same time.

The main interface of the AKVIS Magnifier is simple and intuitive. Command buttons, such as open, print, and save, are located at the top portion of the main window. There are also tools at the left side of the window (hand tool and magnifying glass). The Navigator, which is found at the top right side of the window, is where users can navigate and zoom in on the image. The settings for upsizing and downsizing the image are seen under the Navigator. Some of the image settings that can be changed are the width, resolution, height, smoothness of the edge, sharpness of the edge, and the grain. Users can compare the before and after image by clicking on the tabs located at the upper portion of the window.