AKVIS Enhancer 13.5

AKVIS (Shareware)

AKVIS Enhancer is a photo editing application for enhancing digital images. The program has three main tools for photo enhancement. These are Prepress, Tone Correction, and Improve Detail.

• Prepress – In this mode, the application prepares the images for online publishing or for printing. The sharpness of the image, as well as the borders, is improved. This tool is used to give the image a professional look.
• Tone Correction – Tone Correction allows the user to make changes on the lighter and darker areas of the image. The correction can be done to the entire image or to selection portions only.
• Improve Detail – This enhancing tool intensifies the colors on the image. It works by intensifying the details on each pixel to make the photo more detailed.

The application’s workspace is easy to use. The command buttons (open, save, and print) are at the top portion of the window, while the Navigator and the settings for enhancement are on the right hand pane of the main window. Users can change the parameters (level of detail, lightness, shadows, highlights, etc.) by using the sliders.

AKVIS Enhancer supports batch processing so users can enhance several photos at the same time. The program works as a standalone application, but it can also be a plug-in for other photo editing programs, such as Corel Paint Shop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Photoshop.