AKVIS Chameleon 8.0

AKVIS (Shareware)

AKVIS Chameleon is a photo editing application that enables users to create photo collages. It has a simple interface where users can configure the settings for the tools from the program’s main window. The program offers four modes for creating collages. These are:

• Montage Mode – In montage mode, the application merges different images together in order to create a photo montage. Users can select objects in a photo and combine it together with the background of another image. This is useful for placing an object in a new background.
• Emersion Mode – Emersion Mode is similar to Montage Mode. The difference is that the object pasted to another image does not superimpose the background. Instead, the object is embedded to the background image.
• Chameleon Mode – In Chameleon Mode, the pasted object is blended to the target image. The edges of the copied image are smoothed out and the colors are blended together to achieve a better image.
• Blend Mode – In Blend Mode, the pasted object is made semi-transparent. This way, the background image can be seen through the pasted object.

AKVIS Chameleon can be used as a plug-in to another photo editing application (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, and Photoshop Elements) or it can also run as a standalone program.