Akregator (Feed Reader) 1.2.7

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

Akregator (Feed Reader) is an application that provides its users with full access to a reading source update manager. Basically, this particular program works by providing users with a single access point from which they can view the latest news and blogs from their favorite websites. It relies on RSS and Atom-based components that generate the necessary feeds and as the system recognizes these, a list is generated on the user interface.

The Akregator (Feed Reader) program is one of the many reliable components that can be found installed in the KDE Desktop application which was created and launched under the KDE Education Project group. It is free to use and eliminates the need for manual checks when it comes to browser updates. It is extremely user-friendly. The feed that it generates is classified by site, date, and time, making the data easier to navigate through and select from. It is highly convenient to use especially when it comes to news feeds which appear more frequently than other Web information updates.

What makes this particular KDE program highly dependable is its integrated internal browser. This makes the feeds quicker to generate and makes news reading more convenient on the part of the user. The application works together with KDE's Konqueror program, which is also included in the KDE Desktop bundle.