AKINSOFT CafePlus 11

AKINSOFT Software Engineering (Shareware)

AKINSOFT CafePlus is a management system developed by AKINSOFT Software Engineering. This is a tool used to manage computers for certain businesses. It primarily features stock and account, and membership management system, which is useful in fast food restaurants and retail stores.

AKINSOFT CafePlus has many functional and advanced features. Among them include Client Lock Screen, Revenue Tracking System, Personnel and Cashier Registration System, Bonus (Credit) and Prepaid System, Membership System, Print-out Pricing, Time Limitation System, Client Restrictions, Fast Food Module, Auto Backup System, and Advanced Pricing System.

Under Client Lock Screen, users are able to restrict access on computers. They can set lock screen that is automatically enabled during the PC’s standby. The Bonus or Credit and Prepaid System is responsible in providing bonuses and tickets for customers. It has Customer Loyalty Service that customers can get benefit from. For the Revenue Tracking System, users and admin (supervisors or employers) can track daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly revenue as recorded. This is also the system where users enter their data regarding sales and revenue reports.

Personnel and Cashier Registration System is a features that enables users to create, edit, and track log reports. It also includes personnel identification.

Other features of AKINSOFT CafePlus are the following:
• Dynamic Database (SQL-based database system) with protection against error or failure
• USB Quota System – auto apply process and checkout system, and data transfer on USB flash drive
• File-Directory Protection – clients won’t copy, rename, or delete any data or file
• Running Processes and Download Restrictions
• Content Filtering – protects computers against blacklisted and malicious websites