AkelPad 4.8.0

Aleksander Shengalts (Freeware)

AkelPad is a text editor application first released in 2003 by Alexey Kuznetsov. Beginning 2006, the development of the program is being continued by Aleksander Shengalts. It is an open-source program hosted on SourceForge. This program is originally written for Windows but it could also work under Wine. Wine is a program that enables Windows-based applications to run on Unix-related systems like Linux.

The AkelPad application features Single-Document Interface (SDI) and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) modes, allowing users to view documents within a single or multiple interfaces. When using the MDI mode, contents can be transferred inside the documents using the drag-and-drop feature. The program also features Split Windows, which can be used to view the window in one to four portions. Users can also search for text in multiple documents using the MDI mode. The application also handles and auto-detect full Unicode files.

The AkelPad software can preview files before they are opened. Print previewing and color printing is also available. The software can run as a portable application using external storage devices such as a USB Flash Drive. An option to edit documents under the “read-only editing mode” is available. This prevents permanently changing the contents of a file. Option to remember the codepage and/or caret position is also available. The program allows external plugins for extending its capabilities and features. About 30 plugins are available for this program including ContextMenu, Coder, Hotkeys, Toolbar and more.