Akel Pad

Aleksander Shengalts (Freeware)

AkelPad is an open-source application for editing plain text. Designed to be fast and compact, this text editor can run on computers that have the Windows operating systems. It also functions under Wine, a program that enables users to launch Windows programs on systems like Linux. This app is a text editor similar to Notepad, but with significant differences. It has distinct features that make it more able than Notepad. The AkelPad shows text with a uniquely-designed component called AkelEdit. This gives the software greater ability to manipulate text display as well as behavior. Flexibility is also higher because it can function through available multiple plugins, work with large volumes of files, support Unicode strings and any codepage in the user's system.

The following shows further how AkelPad's attributes are superior to Notepad:

• It operates as a portable program (meaning it can be launched and used from portable devices, such as a USB Flash drive).
• It supports Unix, DOS/Windows, and Mac newline formats.
• Preview features are available.
• Drag-and-drop function within documents and between PMDI and MDI documents is possible.
• Multiple Document Interface, Single Document Interface, and Pseudo Multi-window Interface modes can be used.