Aiseesoft PDF Splitter 3.0.26

Aiseesoft (Shareware)

Aiseesoft PDF Splitter is used for splitting PDF documents into smaller PDF files. The program can function even without Adobe Reader installed on the computer. It offers three types of splitting methods:

• The first method splits PDF documents according to a set number of pages.
• The second method splits PDF documents according to page range. Users can set the target number for the division of pages.
• The third method splits PDF documents according to the number of pages the document has. For this method, there will be an equal number of pages for the output file.

Aiseesoft PDF Splitter has a simple interface that novice computer users will be able to use. To add a file to the program, users must click on the “Browse” button. The second step is to choose a split method from the choices on the window. Users must also supply the number of pages, the split level, or the split average for the PDF document. The last step is to choose an output destination for the output file. Users can also choose to save the output file in the source folder. When all the settings are chosen, users can click on the “Split” button to start the splitting process.