Airstrike 2 - Gulf Thunder 2.7

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Airstrike 2 - Gulf Thunder is a 3D overhead helicopter shooter game developed by the company, Divo Games. In this game, the player assumes the role of one of three pilots that handle assault helicopters. These pilots are tasked to engage in air combat with an army of terrorist invaders, which has already established an impregnable home base built with an extremely strong type of metal alloy. The terrorists have also produced a new type of deadly explosives, which can completely annihilate everything and everyone in the area. For these reasons, the pilots must launch their attack on the terrorists while they are on the move, after which they must attack the enemy headquarters.

This game offers 15 levels of aerial combat, most of which involved flying over desert areas as the battle takes place in Iraq. The battle environment is filled with various industrial objects and flaming oil barrels, which serve as hiding places of enemies. In addition, players can choose from among three kinds of helicopters, although the other two need to unlocked as the player advances to higher levels. Players can also set heir game to one of five difficulty settings. An air force General appears periodically to provide the mission objectives as well as tips on how to circumvent enemies.