AirRivals Application

Gameforge4D (Freeware)

AirRivals Application is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game or MMOG.  It is developed by Korean company YD and released on May 2006. It is an MMO flight first person shooter game set in a 3D environment. This game enables users to simulate flight and air-to-air combat using different aircrafts. This game enables the user to choose among 4 different aircraft types—Fighter, Ground Plane, Bomber, or Supporter. This game features several missions and events. Combat events include brigade battles, duels, and Mothership wars.

AirRivals Application is set in the fictional planet of Phillon. It features different landscapes including icy caves, deep valleys, and snowy mountain tops. The player starts the game as an ace pilot. Upon game start, the player first undergoes training at the FreeSKA. The player should then choose one of two factions—the imperialist Bygeniou or the rebel army Arlington. Players can upgrade their gears and weapons during the game. Players can recruit up to 30 members to form a brigade against the other faction.

AirRivals Application is a free to play application. The game requires the user to register before downloading the game. Upon login, the user chooses a game server to host the game. This game may be played either in window mode or in full screen mode. Internet connection is necessary to play the game.