AirPort Utility

Apple Inc. (Freeware)

Apple AirPort Utility is a small program that enables users to configure and manage an AirPort Wireless Network along with a wireless router such as the Apple AirPort Express. AirPort Express is a compact Wi-Fi router designed by Apple and is used for computers and devices manufactured by company. Airport Utility can provide a graphical representation of a user’s Wi-Fi network and the number of devices connected to the Base Stations. The program allows users to manage and change configurations of each individual device.

AirPort Utility provides a setup assistant that helps users create a new wireless network, or extend the current network. The setup assistant enables users to provide a name and a password for the network. The program also offers various features. One feature allows users to assign Back To My Mac accounts to the network. Back to My Mac is an application used to edit and transfer files from one Macintosh computer to another. Another feature allows users to set up USB devices such as printers that they can share using the established network. AirPort Utility also supports other network device base stations, such as those coming from AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule are wireless network devices manufactured by Apple Inc. Another added feature is the Timed Access Control, which allows users to create a schedule for permitting network connections. Users can also set up and configure a Guest Network using AirPort Utility.