Airport Facilitator X v.1.10

Flight One Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Airport Facilitator X (AFX) is an editor for the FSX and FS2004 flight simulation applications. This software allows the user to control, modify, and create new destinations or even create an entirely new airport. Airport features included are tower viewpoint, airport reference point, helipads, taxiways, parking spots, runways, apron polygons, start locations, taxiway signs, apron edge lights, moving jetways and others. Since FSX and FS2004 are two different flight simulation applications, this software allows conversion between the two programs in terms of airport formats. It comes with a Fault Finder functionality, which gives the user a cue in case there are problems with the design being made. It can also utilize both imperial and metric units in terms of the measurements of the airport layout.

AFX has an easy to use interface. The functionalities are similar to Airport Facilitator Computer Aided Design (AFCAD) software so users of AFCAD will be able to use and maximize the functions available in this program, too. If the user needs to detail a certain segment, he can hover the mouse above it and that will highlight the object. The user can also move, delete, or modify other properties of objects in batches and redo or undo changes made if needed.