Airline Tycoon Evolution

Spellbound Entertainment AG (Proprietary)

Airline Tycoon Evolution is a business simulation game that was first released in 2002. It is the third title in the Airline Tycoon installment of games. In the game, players get to control an airline company and beat the competition. There are three other airlines to beat. The game comes with an Aircraft Editor for designing and creating different types of aircrafts to use. Users who decide to create new aircrafts can share their creations online so that they can be available to other players of the game. The aircrafts must be maintained and upgraded in order for the business to stay afloat. Other areas that the player must manage are the staff, loans, purchase of new aircrafts, and relationships with other employees in the airline. Additionally, players must be wary of sabotage attacks done by other airlines that may come at any time.

Airline Tycoon Evolution offers 30 missions to complete. In this installment, players are given new ways of getting rid of the competition. There is also a new feature in the form of a Security Office, which is used for protecting the business against other players. Players can post their high scores online and see the scores of other players, too.