AirDC++ Team (Freeware)

AirDC++ is an application that enables users to transfer files through peer-to-peer client connections, particularly for those using Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect networks. This tool lets users find and download a document, video, or music file from within a P2P network quickly and easily. It also lets users chat with others on the network and join hubs. It is an ideal tool for networks of users who share a common interest, such as movies.

The application has a straightforward and simple interface common to peer-to-peer programs. It comes with pre-existing hub lists and users can also add their own through the Configure button. The Search function enables users to focus on the content they want to find. The advanced search lets users specify the targeted file size, type, and the content’s maximum age in years, months, weeks, or days. Users can also create a list of excluded words for a filtered search. This is useful for eliminating certain items from the results.

AirDC++ displays a list of the users who are currently online. Users can mark their Favorites for future file exchange and chatting. The application also allows users to create Upload and Download queues to enable them to transfer multiple files simultaneously.