Air Typer 1.0

Media Contact LLC (Freeware)

Air Typer is fun and exciting typing game where players have to pop incoming balloons through typing the words they carry. In this game, players can practice and hone their typing skills. Furthermore, this game tests players’ reaction time and visual attention. The game has an added bonus in the form of a Zapper, controlled by the spacebar. Players can press the spacebar once the Zapper is completely charged. This weapon can be used for destroying balloons.

To start playing this game, players simply have to press the ‘New Game’ tab. When an airplane appears, players only need to left-click the window to start the round. Players then position their hands over the keyboard. Once an enemy balloon appears, players have to quickly type the word written on it. A player has to make sure that no more than three balloons slip, or the player’s plane will crash in flames. At the bottom part, there is a progress bar known as the Zapper. Once the bar is full, players can press the spacebar to blast every single balloon on the screen.

At the end of every level, Air Typer will compute the player’s typing accuracy. Players can begin a new level by left-clicking the mouse. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the words also increases.