Air Strike 3D

Divo Games (Proprietary)

Air Strike 3D is a video game developed by Divo Games and released in May 2003. Air Strike 3D is a shooting video game where players take control of a helicopter on a mission to shoot down enemies. The game’s main objective is to reach the destination while scoring a large number of points from destroying enemy aircraft, vehicles, and structures. Players must also avoid being hit by enemy fire in order to preserve their helicopter’s health and lives. Air Strike 3D features various types of enemies that includes helicopters, fighter planes, bombers, armored trucks, missile trucks, missile turrets, gun boats, and gun towers. Some enemy craft drops a particular power boost when destroyed. These power boosts enhance the player’s fighting capability by providing health, armor, special ammunition, weapons upgrades, and extra lives. Getting weapon power ups enables players to shoot powerful blasts over a wide arc in order to destroy multiple enemies with one shot. Special ammunition includes rocket barrages, homing missiles that seek out an enemy craft, and nuclear bombs that do a devastating damage over a wide area. Air Strike 3D also has 10 helicopters that players can unlock by completing levels.

Air Strike 3D includes 20 levels with increasing difficulty. These levels are set in five types of terrain: industrial, rural, urban, jungle, and desert. This game also features three different bosses that come in different stages of the game. Players can control the movement of their helicopter by using the arrow buttons to move forward, backward, left, and right. The helicopter’s main weapon can be fired using the space bar keys while players can launch their special weapons using the Ctrl key. Air Strike 3D also has an options menu where players may set the screen size, audio volume, sound effects volume, and save the game.