Air Attack

Imagitech (Shareware)

Air Attack is an exciting, fun-filled combat adventure up the air. This is a challenging game wherein players can engage in dogfights and use a wide array of weapons against their opponents. This game is a top down air combat shooter that features awesome affects and exciting game play. In this game, players can choose the aircraft that they want to fly and battle in. There are three amazing choices available. The player’s piloting skills are given the chance to shine in this award-winning next-generation computer game that may be played on the iPad and iPhone. There are also seven types of control available to players of Air Attack, namely joypad, touch, mouse, relative, keyboard, tilt and gamepad.

Air Attack presents opportunities for serious air battles which are characterized by nice orchestral sounds and vivid 3D graphics. The environments are enhanced using Specular Maps and LightMaps. The physics of the game is based on reality. This game features 64 types of enemies, ten missions, three modes of difficulty and a high number of upgrades. Air Attack is reminiscent of games such as Sky Force, Air Strike, DoDonPanci, iFighter, Siberian Strike, Swiv, Warblade, 1942, 1943, and Flying Shark. Air Attack has a “Free For All – Arena” and “Teams Arena” that players can engage in.