Air Assault

Gametop (Freeware)

Air Assault is a helicopter simulation game developed by Gametop. This game enables the player to pilot and control the latest helicopter technologies. This game enables the player to control a helicopter in combat battles against air and water units, submarines, armored land vehicles, destroyers, and missile carriers, among others. Air Assault features 20 playable levels with combat missions that take place on several locations including deserts, over water, or even locations with dense population. This game enables users to pilot 10 helicopters and control several firearms and weapons. This game also features 3D graphics and landscapes.

Air Assault features five different hostile terrain types. There are daytime missions and nighttime missions. Night missions also come with different weather conditions to add more difficulty to the game.  This game also comes with 3 game bosses. It also features 15 bonuses and up to 5 missile types. This game is playable on single player mode only. This can be played in windowed mode or full screen mode.
When in full screen mode, the user interface features the current firepower bar on the upper left and the bomb power status bar below that. The helicopter health is shown on a thin red bar hovering above the unit. Enemy units, infrastructure, and vehicles also show the corresponding health bars above them. The player’s score is shown on the upper right corner of the window.