Aion Online

Aion Team Development Dept (Freeware)

AION Online is an installment of the AION series, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy environment. This version - officially entitled “AION: Ascension” - focuses on the adventures and battles of winged Elyos and Asmodian characters. The two races are sworn enemies exploring the world of magic left untouched by celestial war. AION Online features the revolutionary PvPvE gaming environment, which combines the Player-versus-Player and Player-versus-Enemy battle modes. Thus, players are expected to embark on quests to not only to expand their race's reign but also hone the fighting skills of their characters.

After players have chosen their characters, they are asked to select their gaming mode: they can either go on solo adventures or conquer other tribes through group quests. The storyline of the game will depend on the character chosen by the player since each character has its story-driven content. However, the dragon-like Balaur invaders are considered as the common enemy of all tribes. Additionally players are tasked to battle against monsters to gain rewards and unlock certain items, skills and special abilities. The game's user interface is the conventional dashboard-type arena, where players can control their avatars through keyboard commands and mouse clicks. Finally, AION Online comes with realistic and detailed graphics and animation, intricate character costumes, and a detail-rich 3D background.