Ainvo Disk Defrag

Ainvo Group (Freeware)

Many computer users will know how important it is to properly maintain their systems. Without proper maintenance and care, a computer, like many other systems, gadgets, and tools, will eventually break down or cease to perform at its peak level of performance. One of the many ways and tasks that users take into account when maintaining their computer system is through defragmentation. Defragmentation is the process of physically consolidating data on a computer’s hard disk drives. Regular defragmentation allows the computer to access files and data faster, therefore making overall computer performance better.

Ainvo Disk Defrag from Ainvo Group is a freeware utility for Microsoft Windows that was designed to perform hard disk defragmentation faster than the built-in system utility for defragmentation. It was also designed to be easier to use. With simple buttons on the interface for the starting and stopping of the defragmentation process, the program can be used by users with little experience in the maintenance of computers. Just one button is needed to start the defragmentation, another to pause it, and another to stop it completely. Additionally, because the program is designed to perform the defragmentation process faster, users do not have to spend so much time defragmenting a disk, which means they can spend more time doing the things they love on their computer.