Aide PDF to DXF Converter v9.6

Aide CAD Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Aide PDF to DXF is a PDF conversion tool developed by Aide CAD and released in 2009. This program converts PDF files into the DXF file format to enable users to edit the file in CAD environment. It performs simultaneous PDF to DXF conversion for multiple files that could number to the thousands. This program also has the ability to convert all the pages in a selected PDF document into DXF. Embedded images on a PDF file will also be extracted and converted into DXF.

The Aide PDF to DXF user interface features a simple windows-based format. The Menu bar shows the options for File, Actions, and Help. The Add Source PDF File window dominates the interface. To add a source PDF file, users may click either the Add PDF Files button or the Add Folder button. The Add Folder button is used to convert all PDF files on a given folder. When converted, the DXF files stay on a folder as well. Two more buttons are available—the Remove and the Remove All buttons. Aide PDF to DXF users may also specify an output folder by clicking the drop down selector for the Output DXF Folder. Users may also customize the conversion path by clicking the Output Options button. To initiate the conversion process, click the Convert button. Users may also prematurely stop the conversion process by clicking the Stop button.