AIDA64 Extreme Edition

FinalWire Ltd. (Shareware)

The AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a Windows benchmarking and diagnostic program for home users by FinalWire Ltd. Formerly called the Everest software, AIDA64 Extreme Edition provides detailed information regarding a computer and its components. It assists home users in diagnosing hardware errors, monitoring sensors, stress testing and overclocking.

The program offers different benchmark tests in measuring the performance of the computer. It has Cache and Memory Benchmarks, which can be used in analyzing the RAM latency and bandwidth. Determining the data transfer speed of the computer’s hard drives is also possible with its Disk Benchmark tool. Its Processor benchmark test is also available. It uses SSE, 3DNow!, MMX, AVX, FMA and XOP instructions. Other available benchmark tests include CPU PhotoWorxx benchmark, CPU Zlib Benchmark, CPU AES Benchmark, CPU Hash Benchmark among others.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition can also monitor the cooling fan, temperature and voltage of the computer. It supports more than 150 sensor devices in doing this. Measured values can either be displayed on a log file or on the computer’s OSD panel, System Tray icons or Sidebar Gadget. This feature warns the user when over-voltage, cooling fan failure or overheating is detected.

As a hardware diagnostic tool, the AIDA64 Extreme Edition software provides information regarding the capabilities of the computer hardware devices. It can also analyze the operating system as well as the software installed in the computer.