Tamás Miklós (Freeware)

AIDA32 is a system information, auditing and diagnostics program developed by Tamás Miklós. It was initially release in 1995. The program provides detailed information about the computer’s components. It is a portable executable file that does not need to be installed, which means it will not alter Windows registry. Upon launching the program, a standard interface opens with several sections available in the program. Clicking each of the option will display more information for each.

There’s the Computer section that provides a detailed summary of all the computer’s components, computer name, DMI and sensor. The program also offers information about the Motherboard including the CPU, CPUID, memory, chipset, SPD and BIOS. This section also shows the current CPU utilization. The Operating System section offers details about the processes, system drivers, services and DLL. There’s also the Server section that shows comprehensive information about shared, groups and local network connections. Checking the details about the computer’s screen including Windows video, PCI/AGP video, multi-monitor, fonts, GPU and desktop is also provided.

Other sections available in AIDA32 include Storage, Multimedia, Network, Input, Devices, DirectX Software, Config and Miscellaneous. Aside from these details, the program also features a Benchmark utility, which is used for measuring the performance of the ATA and SCSI hard drive. It also has a Monitor Diagnostics plug-in, which is used for performing thorough HDD tests.

AIDA32 also features the report wizard. This feature generates customized reports, which includes software/hardware listings, system summaries and benchmarking. Reports can be saved into HTML, Plain Text, XML, CSV and other formats. The development of the program stopped in 2004.