Fookes Holding Ltd (Shareware)

Aid4Mail is an application used for managing business emails. The program has a wizard interface that helps users utilize the different features of the program. The wizard also helps the user set options, such as the mail source, filtering, target screens, and export options. The program focuses on three main areas. These are:

• Forensics and Email Discovery – The application has features that help in searching, collecting, filtering, and extracting information from emails to come up with a customized output.
• Mail Archiving – This area focuses on deleting duplicate emails and archiving messages in a compact manner to make it easier to look for email attachments.
• Conversion and Migration of Emails – This area allows users to convert emails to various formats. It also aids users in exporting and importing emails.

Aid4Mail can be used in more than 40 types of email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and many others. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it ideal to use for beginners and advanced computer users alike. Aid4Mail uses advanced technology to accurately convert emails. It retains email messages including their attachments, contents that are embedded in the body of the email, header details, and formatting.