AI-Aircraft Editor

Martin Gossmann Applications (Freeware)

Martin Gossmann Applications independently developed and released the AI-Aircraft Editor as an add-on application for a flight simulation and airport creation program. Using templates of existing air-bound vehicles, the program allows its users to modify not only the external elements of the craft but alter the internal features as well.

Aside from providing program users with the ability to design and modify different types of aircrafts, the AI-Aircraft Editor also makes it possible for these people to enjoy new functions like the FS9 and FSX viewer. This function allows the user to utilize separate panels, one showing the aircraft model and the other presenting the aircraft texture. There is also a live update function that comes with the latest release of the program.

This program does not only work well for aircraft developers. It is also ideal for flight simulation program users. Easy modification when it comes to the different features of aircrafts is what this program boasts. There are different tools that make the modification process easier to accomplish. The wide array of alteration tools also provides program users with the ability to be as creative and innovative as possible when working on the model aircrafts. When working with various textures, a report is generated for the user's benefit. This makes sequence checking easier and speedier. This also makes any texture validation attempts simpler.