Ahriman's Prophecy

Amaranth Games (Freeware)

The fantasy world of knights, horses, princesses, and quests have been regular fodder for the fantasies and lives of many individuals for many years. Many board games, video games, and even live-action role playing have given these fantasies a breath of life. Role-playing games or RPGs have since been a classic choice for video game developers and designers to convey their fantasy stories to gamers all over the world. Now, from Amaranth Games comes a member of their Aveyond Series called Ahriman’s Prophecy, a role-playing game for the PC.

In this installment of the series, players fill the shoes of a knight trying to save the world. This game is the prequel to all the others in the Aveyond Series. In this game, players try to avert the prophecy of the destruction of the world. This is a prophecy that has been created by the demon named Ahriman. Players must find a way to stop the prophecy from coming true. With little time to spare, mystical entities called the Daughters of Light send to the knight a magic wielder. Together, they battle through dangers to save their precious world and all that they hold dear. The game offers a wide number of side quests to increase replay value for the player.