Ahnlab HackShield Pro for OnlineGame

AhnLab, Inc. (Shareware)

Ahnlab HackShield Pro for OnlineGame is an advanced tool that is intended to increase the level of protection of computer gaming environments from hackers. Online gamers are particularly vulnerable to Internet threats. With this program, users are shielded from hacking and piracy and all the negative consequences that soon follow. The integrity of the game is protected and user satisfaction is maximized with this program.

This program is a comprehensive and effective countermeasure that offers continuous protection to the game environment. This application offers multi-dimensional protection, management services, flexible solutions and sustainable protection from hackers. This gaming tool is also capable of resolving evolving threats.

Ahnlab HackShield Pro for OnlineGame offers users with the following features:
• Real-time monitoring for hacking attempts
• Collection of hacking tool samples
• System error control features
• Hacking tool report and monthly security reports from the developer.

Aside from these features, this program also offers technical support to users and a Q&A team that deals with the issues encountered during implementation and use.

This program is also capable of resolving relevant issues such as server overload and resolving user claims. The consequential benefits of Ahnlab HackShield Pro for OnlineGame are prevention of loss of revenue, decreased management costs, and increased value of the brand.