Agent Ransack -- Professional file searching utility 1.7.3

Mythicsoft Ltd (Freeware)

Agent Ransack is the lite version of the FileLocator Pro. This tool was first released in 2000. It is used for searching files or texts stored in the computer. The application makes use of a multi-threaded searching tool with fast search algorithms. This feature makes it easier and quicker to locate a certain file or text from hundreds or thousands of files in the computer. The program supports common Office formats, such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. The results list of the files found can be shared with other users by printing out the list or by sending it through email.

Users can configure the general settings of the program. The settings are divided into four groups – History, Character Processing, Shell Integration, and Folders. The program also offers advanced features, such as command line support, expression types, Boolean expressions, and Unicode support. Agent Ransack also has built-in wizards that will guide users through the process of using the features and tools of the application. The search wizard is available in the basic interface, while the expression wizard is available in the advanced interface.

The main interface of the program is where users can search for text and files. All the results for the search term will be displayed at the bottom part of the window.