Agelong Tree 4.6

Genery Software (Freeware)

Agelong Tree is a genealogy program developed by Genery Software. The program is used to create detailed family trees. The program utilizes a database in order to develop the genealogy tree.

Agelong Tree allows the input of information to create complex branches. The information covers a large scope. The user can upload text files, multimedia, and images into the storage. In addition, information also deals with events in a person’s life. Standard events include birth, death, and marriage. Special events can be customized. For each event, the number of participants varies. Users can create a family tree from their ancestors or start from the middle part. Branches can be added depending on immediate family relations.

The tree can be as simple as tracking direct ancestors and immediate family. It can also be used to create expanded branches for every person. The program can be used to calculate the relationship of one person to another. It utilizes the information stored in the database to produce accurate results. The family tree can be exported as an image file. The file can then be saved or printed. Other features of the software include:

• keyword search and filtered result on list
• auto-backup of the program
• “create person” menu which has options for adoptive parents or adopted children
• multi-language interface