Age of Oracles - Tara's Journey

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Age of Oracles - Tara's Journey is a hidden object game with a magical element. Players assume the role of Tara who must prove herself worthy to be called an oracle. Together with an enchanted peacock, Tara must be able to solve the challenges posed by the game. There are more than 80 levels of puzzles, hidden object scenes, and mini-games to accomplish. Players are sent on missions and given different tasks before they could seek guidance from the characters in the tarot deck, such as the Lovers, the Learned Man, and the Empress.

Instead of locating objects right away, players are first given a set of objects to return to the scene. The scene is displayed in monochrome, making returning objects challenging. When all of the items have been returned, a set of doors will open, revealing a traditional hidden object scene. Players must them find the items written on their list. Players can ask their peacock for help in locating items anytime. After accomplishing the hidden object scenes, players can use the special items they have collected to solve a puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, players advance to the next stage.

There are three kinds of mini-games that can be played between chapters: a jigsaw puzzle, a memory game, and a matching game.