Age of Mythology - The Titans Expansion

Ensemble Studios (Shareware)

Age of Mythology – The Titans is the official expansion to the Age of Mythology real-time strategy game. It was released on September 30, 2003. The game follows the same gameplay as the original game wherein the player creates buildings, train units, researches technology and more. The same “Ages” system is still present, which represents the player’s progress.

The following are the major changes/additions in this expansion pack:

• New civilization – This expansion included a new civilization – the Atlanteans. This new culture does not have particular hero units. However, human units can be converted into a hero. Unlike other cultures, the Atlanteans do not have their drop off points. They use pack donkeys for their resources instead. Players can also build town centers at any point in the game. Atlanteans also have a new unit introduced called the Oracle.
• Additional myth units – Titan worshippers also have the ability to summon new myth units included Automaton and Behemoth. There are also added naval myth units including the Servant and Man O’ War.
• New god powers – The game also added new god powers. Worshippers of Titan possess special powers. For example, Kronos can move buildings, Oranos can execute Sky Passages, and Gaia can grow lush. Lesser god powers are also available to Atlanteans at any time.
• New types of map – The Titan expansion also features six additional types of maps and seven additional AI personalities.