Age Of Emerald

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

Age of Emerald is a virtual board game that deals with building a city. The plot tells the story of a King who wants to build a fine city for a magical festival. The player needs to help the characters in building the city. The game features more than 200 levels to accomplish. The player also needs to construct 30 buildings. To complete the levels, the player has to collect resources, food, and magic skills. The player also needs to unlock 15 small inhabitants.

To play the game, the player needs to create linked chains. The player has to match at least three boards horizontally or vertically. The player needs to click a match to clear the board. When the player creates a match, a new item is introduced into the board. Most tiles are gold in color. Other types of chains include food and magic. All the cleared items will go to the inventory. The player can use these to purchase new buildings. Each building requires a different set of items. The goal of the game is to collect needed resources instead of creating long chains. The player has the option to purchase a building when all required items are collected. The player can also save the resources to buy a bigger building.

A new level can be accessed when the player gets the required points. There are different opportunities for the player to gain more points. These include:
• Bonus board items- The player can gain points by collecting bonus items in the board;
• Plaque- Plaques are worth double points. The plaques are represented as blue tiles.