AGAVA AntispamServant for TheBat!

AGAVA Software (Shareware)

AGAVA AntispamServant for TheBat! is an anti-spam plugin. This program makes use of the built-in functions of “The Bat” in performing operations related to e-mail access. Because of this close integration, the application completes its tasks quickly. Generally, this application saves time by managing emails efficiently.

AGAVA AntispamServant for TheBat! by AGAVA Software operates in the background. This program is designed to work with any email client that is currently in use. It works by filtering the IMAP and POP3 connections of a system and marks messages as “Spam.” This program does not delete spam emails automatically. Instead, it informs the e-mail account holder that the email is junk by indicating the label on the subject line. This application allows for personalization of the spam filter since the user can train the algorithm to identify what is spam and not spam based on personal preference.

AGAVA AntispamServant for TheBat! is the joint project of AGAVA Software and Ritlabs Company. It is a trainable anti-spam plugin that is adjustable through the available email client interface. This utility presents users with numerous functions, including opening and closing of accessed incoming emails, email classification, and email analysis. Some of the menu items available are “Mark As Not Junk” and “Mark As Junk.” In addition, the AntispamServant also supports on the fly SSL connections.