After Burner 3D

Sega AM2 (Proprietary)

After Burner 3D is a combat flight simulator game that was developed by the company, Sega AM2. It was inspired by the classic, non-3D version, After Burner. It was released in July of 2007 and is one of the first creations of famed game producer, Yu Suzuki. In After Burner, the player gets to fly an F-14 Tomcat jet with a mission to eliminate enemy jets in the course of 18 stages. Although there is no solid plot in After Burner 3D, the mission of the player is clear – to survive combat. In order to accomplish this, the player must be able to control the jet efficiently. To fight off enemy jets, the player can launch missiles by pressing the Shift key. Since the missile stock is limited and is only replenished at the end of the mission, the player can shift to the machine guys by pressing the Control key.

After Burner 3D adds special effects, 3D graphics, and a nostalgic soundtrack. When a player locks on to an enemy fighter or is being followed by one, the arcade music theme comes on. The player must navigate the skies cautiously and strategically as s/he has only three lives at the start of the game.