African Farm 1.0

Game Top (Freeware)

African Farm is a time management game where players have to manage and protect the once-splendid African savannah, now in harsh condition. The aim of the game is to restore nature and bring the majestic preserve back to life while making sure the animals are kept from harm. Players will have to feed, rescue, and protect unique African animals in more than 50 time management challenges.

Players have to raise and take care of hippos, lions, rhinos, and many other animals. This is done by buying food, getting rid of poachers, and using medical supplies for treating sick animals. The game requires breeding a number of animals and later setting them free. Players start with feeding baby wild boars until the animals grow up. More animals will soon follow; they must be kept healthy and safe from poachers. Players will also build and maintain the wildlife preserve at the same time. When the animals have matured  into adulthood, the players will have to send them back into the wild.

To earn money, players should set the animals free to roam the wilderness. The animals will soon produce money that the players must collect. African Farm includes plenty of mini games for many hours of gameplay.