Aerosoft Flight Calculator

aeroSOFT (Shareware)

Aerosoft Flight Calculator is an application developed for the users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and FS2004 to provide them with the ability to calculate flight planning, fuel usage, and route estimations when going on their virtual reality flights using the simulation programs. This application connects to FS2004 and Flight Simulator X to make it easy for users to input the necessary flight information into the calculator, eliminating the need to enter data manually and ensuring accuracy in data input.

Aerosoft Flight Calculator is able to calculate wind directions, time, airspeed and altitude, speed and distances, and runway lengths, as well as convert from one metric system to another. Users can save up to eight locations between sessions. This application can do fuel estimations when changing altitudes and calculate difficult flight problems without requiring users to access the Flight Management System.

The interface has a large screen that has 10 buttons at the left portion that are used to get the flight data from the simulation programs and compute the calculations needed. Below the main screen are standard function keys that are used for calculations. There are also memory keys, conversion hotkeys, a backspace key, and a clear key. The functions are grouped categorically, making these easy to find.