AeroSIM RC 4.10

AeroSIM RC (Shareware)

AeroSIM RC is a flight simulator program developed by AeroSIM RC and released on October 2013. RC stands for Radio Control. AeroSIM RC enables users to train in controlling RC model aircrafts. The program features several training programs including lessons for Controls, Landing, Taxi, Take Off, Forced landings, and Flight patterns. It also includes training programs for controlling RC Helicopters. The program features FPV or First Person View for a realistic experience. The program also offers an OSD or On Screen Display feature that allows users to check controls while looking over the flight scenery. The OSD works with the FPV feature. It also offers a Game mode for variety in the training.

AeroSIM RC features realistic gameplay factors including sun blindness, wind speed and direction, and the presence of birds. It also offers a Scenario Generator that enables users to create their own scenarios. Users get to choose the scenarios they would like to train in for more customization. The program enables users to record their flight for playback after. This allows users to study their previous flights for areas of improvements. The software likewise features a realistic instrument panel for controlling the aircraft or helicopter.

AeroSIM RC comes with several camera modes to choose from. Aside from the normal camera mode, there is Camera Auto-Zoom, Free Camera, Chase Camera, FPV On-Board Camera, and Picture-in-Picture view. The program also features a Waypoint Editor.