AeroFly Professional Deluxe

IPACS (Freeware)

AeroFly Professional Deluxe is a flight simulation program designed to provide the same experience as flying a real remote controlled aircraft. Developed by IPACS, it is a great tool for practicing the controls for flying, including tricks, maneuvers, and a wide range of flight techniques. It has many features including:

• Detailed graphics - Other than 28 realistic sceneries, half of which were created using actual images and pictures of real locations, the program also has fine digital representations of various aircraft models, from the scale and design to the smallest detail. It even has realistic smoke, shadow, reflection, and backlight effects.
• Realistic flying - Flight physics has been used in the design of AeroFly Professional Deluxe, and it even simulates the aircraft’s behavior in situations when parts break off.  
• Wide range of models - The program features a long list of aircrafts to choose from, including biplanes, gliders, helicopters, and jets. 84 models are included, and more can be acquired via add-ons and thru other users.

AeroFly Professional Deluxe has a two-player mode, playable on the same computer, which includes a glider towing practice. It can also record flights, which users can review or post, or create their own sceneries and aircraft with the use of a simple file format.