aerofly FS

IPACS (Proprietary)

aerofly FS is a flight simulation program that makes use of realistic physics and graphics. It is packed with features that provide users with a true-to-life flight environment. The flights are set in Switzerland, giving users a view of its valleys and mountains while they undertake flight challenges. Among the application’s features are the following:

• Animated instruments – The basic instrument panels show the real values of altitude, speed, artificial horizon, heading, turn indicator, and climbing. The type-specific instruments such as the g-meter and RPM are all fully functional and show real values as well.
• Versatile control – Users can connect a joystick or remote control unit to the computer’s USB port for greater control. This application can also be used with the keyboard and the mouse.
• Select flight conditions – users can select the turbulence, wind direction, visibility, cloud cover, wind speed, temperature, and fog, and adjust these to their preference. These are then loaded into the simulation.
• Camera options – This program comes with numerous camera options, and users can select between pilot and co-pilot view. The camera views are at the head position, so users can have the impression that they are actually sitting inside a cockpit.

Users are given an array of planes to fly, including the Cessna, F18, Sopwith, Pitts, and the Discus bM, all of which are rendered in realistic detail.