Aero Shake

bobbo33 (Freeware)

Aero Shake is a small and lightweight desktop application that enables users to minimize other opened windows and focus on a current window. The application gets its name from the mouse-shaking movement required to activate it. With this program, users can effectively cut through a cluttered desktop so they can concentrate on working on a single window. This feature can save users time, because it eliminates the need to minimize the other open windows one by one.

To activate the program, users will only need to click the top pane or the title bar of a selected window and give their mouse a shake. Every window except the one being shaken will then disappear. To make the other windows reappear, users can simply shake the title bar of the active window again. This program works on program windows, browser windows, and even open folders.

This program is based on the Shake desktop “gesture” feature of Microsoft Windows 7. It is included in the Professional, Enterprise, Home Premium, and Ultimate editions of the operating system. Aero Shake is designed to be used in computers running on non-Windows 7 operating systems. It is a very useful feature to keep desktop workspaces free from clutter. However, some windows such as dialog boxes cannot be minimized; users have to select an option to close any open dialog boxes.