Aero Midnight RSS Reader

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

Aero Midnight RRS Reader is a utility included in the theme named Aero Midnight MyColors developed by Stardock Corporation. It can be accessed from the Theme Manager. This application is able to display a window on the users’ desktop and show a newsfeed of published information found online. Working side-by-side with this application is the Aero Midnight Weather, which shows the current weather conditions of the vicinity where the user is registered. Another application that is part of the theme is the Aero Midnight Clock. This can be seen on the desktop as well, and it displays an analog clock. This utility may be be repositioned according to user preference. In addition, the clock may also be customized. These three applications make up the theme.

The Aero Midnight RSS Reader (Rich Site Summary) is a live feed of the frequently-updated information, including music news, video and entertainment headlines, and blog entries. The reader enables the user to select lists of RRS feeds and indicate how often the reader updates and acquires the published content from the sites. The selected RSS feeds may include truncated or full text and metadata. This includes the names of the authors and the date when the particular feed was published.  

This application retrieves information online and therefore needs an Internet connection in order to acquire updated data.