Aero Midnight Clock

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

Aero Midnight Clock, Aero Midnight RRS Reader, and Aero Midnight Weather are applications included in the Aero Midnight MyColors theme from Theme Manager by Stardock Corporation. Aero Midnight Clock is an analog clock that can be displayed anywhere on the user’s desktop. Aero Midnight RSS reader displays a window on the users’ desktop with newsfeed of published information. Aero Midnight Weather the current weather conditions of the area where the user is located.

Aero Midnight Clock is a clock that is directly placed on the users’ desktop. It displays an analog clock and the clock can be repositioned anywhere on the desktop by the user. The user is allowed to customize the clock.

Aero Midnight RSS Reader (Rich Site Summary) is a live feed of frequently updated information to linked blog entries, audio, video and news headlines. It allows the user to choose lists of RRS links and how often the application will update published content from the sites. It displays a Window of published information. An RSS feed may include a summarized or full text and metadata, which consists of the authors name and date of publishing.

Aero Midnight Weather retrieves information over the Internet including the temperature and weather conditions of the location set by the user. The retrieved weather information is displayed on the desktop for the user, and will update according to the user’s settings.