Aero Enabler (Freeware)

Aero Enabler is a system utilities application that allows a computer to have the aero effect enabled in the computer. Aero is a design philosophy in Windows wherein the active window has near- transparent borders. This allows the user to have a "sneak peek" of the window underneath the active one. The Aero design is only present in several versions of Windows 7 (excluding Basic). However, it is not available in older Windows operating systems. These include Windows Vista and XP. With Aero Enabler, it is possible to have the aero design that Windows 7 has. This application does it by tweaking a number of Windows settings. This series of tweaks "deceive" the computer to make the windows appear transparent. The user has to click only once. The program will automatically do the rest of the process.

When running Aero Enable for the first time, a system requirement check is initialized to know if the computer can run Aero. This way, problems can be immediately prevented, including damages to the computer's settings. Additionally, if Aero is enabled, there is still the option to disable it. If this is done, the user can still revert to aero mode in just a few clicks.