Aeon Standalone

SoundSpectrum, Inc. (Shareware)

Aeon is a plug-in normally used for audio files. This is the kind of plug-in that allows users to apply visualizations to music played on their computer systems. There is a program that was released by SoundSpectrum, Inc. that provides visualization features to various sound input sources. The program is called Aeon Standalone. Computer systems support various audio input sources and this particular piece of software works well with most of these. Some of the sound input sources compatible with Aeon Standalone include the following:

• CD audio
• Microphone input
• Line-in audio
• Radio streams
• Live performance audio

Audio files often come without the visualizations. The visualization is what Aeon Standalone provides. It allows users to apply visualizations to files that do not necessarily carry audio-related or audio-identified extensions. Users can run this program by selecting it from the Start menu on the desktop. Again, it functions with any type of sound source. To apply visualizations to any audio file or source, the user simply has to select a particular source from the Audio Source menu on the Aeon interface. The visualizations react differently depending on the tempo and sound levels of the audio file. These can be adjusted to the user's liking. There is a configurations menu that can be accessed on the interface.