Adventure Inlay

GameHouse, Inc (Shareware)

Puzzle Inlay is an adventure puzzle game where players need to finish a puzzle by adding the random shapes that appear at the bottom of the screen. Each level offers a new shape to fill up (lizards, birds, butterflies, etc). Players must use the shapes that scroll at the bottom of the screen. One of the challenges in the game is using up the puzzle pieces. If puzzle pieces are not used, they remain on the area under the puzzle. The game is over when new puzzle pieces can no longer enter the screen. Users can also discard puzzle pieces that are not used, but the Discard window takes time to open again.

Puzzle Inlay offers four game modes. These are:
• Traditional Mode – In traditional mode, the basic rules of the game are applied.
• Revealer Mode – Players can reveal parts of a wildlife scenery when playing the Revealer Mode.
• Strategy Mode – Players are given time to carefully plan their moves, but are given only a limited number of turns.
• Enigma Mode – Play the game in a relaxing pace, but with a limited number of puzzle piece shapes.

Adventure Inlay’s level of difficulty increases as the players get to higher levels.